Kiro (Male Longcoat Chihuahua)

Hi my name is Kiro. A male long coat Chihuahua puppy.

2 and half months old Chihuahua baby, with paper and medical records (with updated vaccines and dewormed by registered veterinary)

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The Chihuahua is a confident, feisty, courageous, and loyal dog. He is loving, gentle and sweet-natured with his family. He likes to play games, and needs lots of attention, affection and petting. He usually becomes very attached to one member of the family in particular, and if you are his chosen one he will follow you everywhere you go. He tends to get jealous when you pay attention to someone else or to another pet! He loves to sit on your lap and keep close to you.He is a medium-shedder so he might not be a good pet for you if you are worried about dog-hair in the house.

The Chihuahua is 6 to 10 inches tall and weighs 2 to 8 pounds. He has a medium-length coat that is soft and fine on top and has a downy undercoat. His coat can be any color, from solid to spotted black, white, red, cream, chocolate or tan.


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