Timmy (Male Tiny Toy Poodle)


Vietnam Imported

  • 3 months old
  • Microchipped
  • Updated Vaccines and dewormed
  • Medical records

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The Poodle is a remarkable sight in any coat color.

But there is just something about a white Poodle, especially a white standard Poodle done up in a full show clip complete with pompons!

A white Poodle is not an albino Poodle.

Albino dogs are actually quite rare, but many dogs have white coats.

You can easily tell the difference by looking at eye color.

Poodles nearly always have dark-colored eyes, and some light-coated Poodles will have amber eyes.

The white toy Poodle will weigh four to six pounds and stand no taller than 10 inches.


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